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Drag Theresa May cabaret will show London what a hard Brexit looks like

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Theresa May’s Legs Akimbo is at The Glory on 28 June | Photo: The Queer House

It might be long before we see a drag performer sitting in the British parliament, but London is about to have its own drag Theresa May cabaret and that is as close as we can get.

Drag Theresa May impersonator Fagulous will take a hard Brexit to The Glory this 28 June with the show Theresa May’s Legs Akimbo.

Sporting a silver bob and a cheeky Union Jack coat, Fagulous’ long legs spread open – akimbo indeed – on the poster of the event.

The performer will bring scandalously amazing outfits, cabaret, and lip syncs for the most political knees-up at the LGBTI-friendly venue in Haggerston, East London.

‘I’d love to have [Lib Dem leader] Vince Cable at my show. I bet he loves a hard Brexit innuendo.’ | Photo: The Queer House

‘Running through fields of wheat’ has never been naughtier

‘I can only imagine the number of times Theresa’s got her legs out in a field of wheat,’ Fagulous told Gay Star News.

Fagulous refers to the now infamous, bucolic Theresa May’s ‘running through fields of wheat’ line. When asked about the naughtiest things she ever did, the UK Prime Minister said ‘farmers weren’t pleased’ about her and her friends running around.

‘I’ve had the idea of Theresa May hosting her own cabaret show for a while. I thought it would be perfect at The Glory,’ added Fagulous.

‘The phrase “legs akimbo” has a lovely old-school camp vibe to it, which I love. That is why I put the two together and now I’ve got this outrageously camp show.’

Fagulous will be trading Theresa May signature kitten heels for stilettos | Photo: The Queer House

What is the naughtiest thing drag Theresa May ever did?

If Theresa May was sitting in the front row at one of his shows, Fagulous would roast her.

‘”Those shoes were a brave choice, dear.” That’s what I would tell her,’ he said.

The performer, however, claims to be rather mild.

‘I’m normally so well-behaved, but after a few gin and tonics there’s no telling what I might do,’ Fagulous confesses.

Besides Theresa May, there are another two politicians the drag performer holds dear to his heart.

‘David Miliband, hello daddy! And Nicola Sturgeon. She does a great Jeanette Krankie impression. I’d get her up on stage and we’d do a number together,’ he said, being as naughty as he can get.

Drag Theresa May cabaret’s ‘barebeckbenchers

The Glory’s very own Theresa May will be joined on stage by a bunch of ‘barebackbenchers’ bearing evocative names. Vaudeville artist Susie Swallower and ‘lip sync assassin’ Crystal Lubrikunt stand out. You certainly won’t find these in Westminster.

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