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Elton John asks Troye Sivan if he ever gets ‘tempted by cute boys in the audience’

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Elton John and Troye Sivan | Photos: Wonderful Crazy Night/EMI press shot

Troye Sivan has seemingly revealed he is in a closed relationship with model boyfriend Jacob Bixenman.

We’ve reached this conclusion the 22-year-old said he’s not ‘tempted’ to sleep with other guys when on the road in a new interview.

The My My My! singer was asked about his love life by Rocket Man singer and fellow gay pop icon Elton John.

The star was interviewing Aussie Troye for the publication Out.

‘Let me ask you something naughty…’

In the chat, Elton asks Troye: ‘Let me ask you something naughty. When you are performing and there are cute boys in the audience, do you ever get tempted?’

Only Elton could get away with asking a question like that!

To this Troye replies: ‘I don’t, actually. I’ve never been very adventurous in that way. I just take it easy. I think I’m just a relationship person.’

He furthermore added: ‘My parents have been married now for 28 years, and for me they are the example. I think they’re more in love than ever.’

Talking about living with Jacob, Troye furthermore said: ‘For three or four years, I was just on the road. I hadn’t gotten a place in L.A., and I was moving from Airbnb to Airbnb to my manager’s house, and then I’d go back home to Australia to visit my family.

‘I was on the go, and having that relationship gave me some stability and comfort in my life. Now that we’ve got a house, a place that’s our own, I don’t know how I lived without it.’

In other Elton John news, the Candle In the Wind singer is rumored to be performing at this weekend’s Royal Wedding in Windsor, England.

The pop icon wraps up his Vegas residency The Million Dollar Piano tonight.

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