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Elton John dragged for saying Ed Sheeran’s name wrong

Written by gaytourism

Elton John and Ed Sheeran | Photos: Wiki

Elton John may have basically discovered Ed Sheeran, managing him in the early stages of his career.

But that doesn’t mean he quite knows how to say his name…

The Rocket Man singer videoed in a message to his protege at The Brit Awards in London last night, when he made the star’s name sound ‘like a Wine Bottle’, according to one Twitter user.

For our American readers, the glittering music awards ceremony is, of course, the UK’s answer to the Grammys.

However, fans on Twitter and beyond were left in hysterics when the dad to seven-year-old Zachary and five-year-old Elijah pronounced his friend’s name wrong.

‘I knew he’d be a huge star’

While presenting Ed with the Global Success award, David Furnish’s husband said: ‘I couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about one of my dear friends.

‘From the very first time I heard Ed Sheeran [pronouncing it “Shir-an”], I knew he’d be a huge star across the world. Last year he played by his third album Divide in London and I thought, Shape Of You, monster hit.’

Fans took to social media saying: ‘Elton John just made @edsheeran sound like something you’d order at an Indian restaurant’.

Another furthermore added: ‘Elton john put ya teeth in bab, I have NEVER heard ed sheeran be pronounced like that!’

We highly doubt Ed minds,though,  given 70-year-old Elton basically gave him his shot at conquering the music industry!

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