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Eurovision’s list of ‘prohibited items’ is long and frankly a little insane

Written by gaytourism

Eurovision 2016

Sadly Love, Love Peace Peace will not be taking part this year

Don’t ever let it be said that Eurovision doesn’t take security seriously.

The campest contest ever is back and many fans are readying themselves for Lisbon 2018.

But for those hoping to bring their golf balls, ladders and hairspray, then they’re out of luck.

The full 48-point list of prohibited items at Eurovision has been announced, and fans can’t help but question a few of them.

One responded: ‘I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing…who compiled this list? No trolleys.

‘Damn I’ll have to schedule my Tesco shop another time.’

One said: ‘I wanna know who (apart from Melovin) would rock up to a live show with a fucking ladder.’

Another said: ‘All of those I just about get from the point of view of one set of security regulations or another, except…golf balls?’

And as self-confessed Eurovision addict Ellie said, ‘Something, at some point, happened.’

While some questioned whether they just want to get more money at the merch stand…

Like in previous years, Eurovision is banning any political material.

But what is definitely guaranteed are rainbow Pride flags

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