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FIFA may discipline Mexico after fans use anti-gay slur at World Cup

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Fans of Mexico outside the stadium | Photo: Facebook/Mexico’s National Team

FIFA is opening disciplinary proceedings against Mexico after fans of its national football team used anti-gay slurs while celebrating the team’s 1-0 win over Germany, the defending world champs, in their first match of this year’s competition.

The soccer organization did not state when the hearing would be or give any more details.

‘Further updates will be communicated in due course. As proceedings are ongoing please understand we cannot comment further at this stage,’ they said in a statement.

Fans of Mexico often use the slur in a chant when the opposing goalkeeper is taking a goal kick. This happened on Sunday (17 June) when German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer lined up his shot.

FIFA has leveled sanctions at Mexico before for their fans using discriminatory language.

However, the Court of Arbitration for Sport canceled two fines last November, ruling the chant was insulting but without any intent to cause offense.

Trying to curb discrimination

Homophobia is a rampant concern for fans during this year’s World Cup, which takes place in Russia.

LGBTI activist Peter Tatchell was detained before being allowed to go home, and a group of people attacked a same-sex couple when the couple arrived in Russia to support France.

In a new HRC report, 80% of athletes and fans said they’ve witnessed homophobia.

FIFA is trying to get ahead of that and other offensive language and actions this year.

Referees are supposed to stop the match if discriminatory language or action is seen or heard. They then give a public address and have the authority to suspend or completely halt the game.

For the Mexico-Germany game, FIFA said: ‘A public announcement was prepared, but the chants ceased. After the match and as an important step for further action, the incident was duly included in the match report, as well as the evidence produced by the anti-discrimination observers.’

H/t: Chicago Tribune

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