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For Lance Bass, this political climate shows why Pride is more important than ever

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Lance Bass urges the LGBTI community to stay united during these challenging political times

Former NSYNC member Lance Bass spoke to NBC THINK about why Pride is so important, especially in this day and age.

The essay

In the essay, Bass discusses how Pride is a necessary part of resistance to the current political climate.

‘Surveys have begun to suggest that LGBT acceptance is actually going down instead of up for the first time in years, and we all know what the reason is: our political leaders. But a climate of increasing intolerance is dangerous; it absolutely has the potential to drive people back into the closet,’ Bass says.

Bass also talks about how his upbringing in small-town Mississippi led him to remain closeted for many years. Because of this experience, he sympathizes with the many LGBTI people who currently aren’t out due to fear.

‘Staying in the closet has a lot to do with the environment in which you live; people are usually scared to come out for a reason. All of us have our different stories, but I stayed in the closet because I’m from a small town in Mississippi where they’re very religious and I was told that being gay was just really wrong. Right now, with so many people getting on the hate bandwagon, it’s got to be a little scary for kids to be able to come out. Even in my life, I see fewer people coming out recently than in the last 15 years.’

Hateful politics

Bass goes on to point out the current political divides separating people in the United States.

‘Unfortunately, the political division has created this whole me-versus-you mentality now: Everyone’s chosen their team. It’s like football, when you choose your team, and you stick with that team. Even if you know that they’re the worst team ever, you’re still gonna say, “We’re number one.” I guess everyone wants to feel like they’re a part of something, part of a club; maybe that’s why everyone’s separating into these different groups.’

‘So many people are so depressed with what’s going on in the world, and they have every right to be afraid because it is a scary time,’ Bass continues.

‘It’s hard not to get so frustrated, and it’s hard not to want to snap back at people’s ignorance just to educate them. But it’s a fine line between educating someone and arguing with them, and so we all end up doing this little dance, trying to figure out what we can say that’s not going to upset the other person that they stop listening. We need them to hear us, though, so sometimes you have to calm yourself down just to make yourself sound reasonable to someone who may be struggling to understand you.’

Staying positive

Towards the end of the piece, Bass urges people to continue to speak up for what they believe in and remain united during this trying time.

‘We have to continue to speak up. And, as a community, we’re a very positive community: If you see any of our marches or parties, it’s all about love and positivity. The great thing about the LGBT community is that we’re very resilient. Even in the face of ignorance, we’re going to stay positive. And things will get better, of course — it always does. If you look at all of history, yes, there are times where there’s just horrible evil happening in the world, but it always gets to a better place. So we have to hang on, and keep resisting, and we’ll make it through it.’

‘Pride is an important part of that resistance: It’s a way to just keep reminding people that we’re here, we’re queer and to get used to it.’

Anything else about Lance Bass?

Bass also recently announced that he and his husband have found a surrogate for their first child.

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