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For the first time trans students in Japan shoot school photos in their true gender

An event for trans students in Tokyo let them have their school photos taken in their true gender.

Japanese trans high school students had the chance to have their school photo taken in the uniform of their true gender.

A group of students set up a booth in Tokyo at a special event for trans people.

‘What to wear involves a decision an individual has to make daily,’ trans student and organizer Yurio Taketani said.

‘We would like schools to allow their students to pick one, even if it is for a male or female, of their choice.’

The event at Tokyo’s famous Yoyogi Park in the Shibuya Ward was put on to raise awareness about the trauma trans students can face when they have to present in the gender assigned to them at birth.

Each student was charged about $13.50 for a photo with younger students being charged less. Proceeds from the day went the ‘Schqueers’, a group who support LGBTI students.

Taketani, 31, wanted young people to attend the event to let them know they are loved and accepted. He also wants to let them know, he understands what they’re going through. Taketani hated wearing the girls’ uniform and would often skip school

‘I would like to convey to them they should consult with adults they trust about their problem,’ he said.

‘It was an effort to get myself to go outdoors, and I felt like my soul was being gradually chipped away.’

While the rate of trans people seeking medical help has increased in Japan, the issue is still very taboo.

To legally update your gender in Japan you must be at least 20 years old and undergo sterilization and gender reassignment surgery. The cost of the surgery is unaffordable for many people at about 1 million yen (USD8,900).