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Four trans people sue Ohio for banning gender changes on birth certificates

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Twitter decided to challenge myths about trans people

Four trans people are suing Ohio for refusing to allow them to change their birth certificates to match their identity.

Ohio is currently one of three states in the US that does not allow changes on birth certificates.

The lawsuit filed last week by the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and the American Civil Liberties Union in the U.S. District Court claims the state’s refusal is an infringement on their constitutional rights.

According to NBC News, the lawsuit claimed:

‘Ohio’s practice, which each Defendant enforces, violates federal constitutional guarantees, including the rights to equal protection, due process, and freedom from compelled speech.

‘There is no government justification to support Ohio’s refusal to provide transgender people with accurate birth certificates matching their gender identity.’

Ohio woman denied job because ‘drivers license and birth certificate didn’t match’

Stacy Ray one of those filing the lawsuit said she applied for a job with the Transportation Security Administration.

But she was denied a background check because the gender on her birth certificate and drivers license didn’t match.

‘There are people who don’t want the surgery, can’t afford the surgery so having that requirement sets an unreasonable bar.’

‘Only about half the states allow transgender individuals to change the birth marker with an administrative process, and that’s what we are pushing for.’

Ohio city gives $34,000 in grants to local LGBT programs

Meanwhile, last November, Akron, Ohio recently awarded 13 local LGBT programs $34,000 in grants.

The money comes from the Akron Community Foundation’s Gay Community Endowment Fund. They announced the 13 grants at their quarterly meeting on 17 November.

Since its foundation in 2001, the program has donated nearly $475,000 to local LGBT programs.

The fund takes grant applications ‘for programs and services that positively impact the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community’.

Furthermore, it also ‘raises awareness about equality issues and rallies the LGBT community around a common philanthropic purpose’.

Paul Daum, a founding member and theater professor at the University of Akron, was dedicated to arts and LGBT youth.

‘We’re proud to carry on Paul’s legacy with grants to organizations he cared about during his lifetime,’ said Cindy Christman, Gay Community Endowment Fund chairwoman.

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