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Fox News anchor gets hilariously schooled by the Dictionary for transphobic phrase

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Earhardt (center) discussing Hallquist | Photo: Twitter @reverrlewis

When a Fox News anchor made an off-handed transphobic remark, she had no idea she would get schooled by the ultimate authority on language: the Dictionary.

Ainsley Earhardt was discussing the historic win of Christine Hallquist in Vermont. Hallquist is the first transgender person to win a nomination in a gubernatorial race for a major party in the United States.

‘In Vermont it was all about Bernie Sanders, and they nominated the first transgender candidate for Governor,’ said Fox & Friends co-host Griff Jenkins.

Then it happened.

‘That transgender beat a 14 year old!’ she replied. ‘They didn’t have an age limit, so the 14-year-old said, I’m going to run! Ran in the primary, didn’t win.’

A lot of people were unimpressed with the remark.


Oof is right | Photo: Twitter @revrrlewis

Oh no you didn’t

Chelsea Clinton also tweeted in response, giving Hallquist’s name and a link to her campaign page.

Hallquist thanked her for the support and gave her pronouns too.

The best comeback, though, was definitely the Dictionary.

They simply tweeted: ‘Tansgender is an adjective, not a noun.’


In a statement to The Wrap, Earhardt explained the gaffe, though she never actually apologized.

‘I was responding to the reporter’s comments when I moved too quickly and couldn’t recall Christine Hallquist’s name,’ she said.

‘As a person of faith, I sincerely promise I never ever meant anything derogatory and I am sorry it may have come off that way.’

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