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Freddie Mercury’s secret life as baggage handler celebrated in hilarious video

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The workers created a super-team of Freddie Mercurys | Photo: Marc Berry Reid

Freddie Mercury is one of the most iconic rock stars of all time, revolutionizing music and sexuality with his trailblazing life. But before he became the frontman for Queen, he held down a different job.

As a baggage handler at Heathrow.

50 years ago, Freddie – real name Farrokh Bulsara – wasn’t belting out Don’t Stop Me Now but handling your vacation luggage (or, more likely, your parents’).

So to honor the super-star on what would be his 72nd birthday (5 September), Heathrow and British Airways (BA) recruited their most talented baggage handling staff to show off some spectacular Break Free-inspired dance moves.

Choreographed by X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing instructor Lyndon Lloyd, these guys are channeling their former co-worker and rocking his awesome mustache at the same time.

All about Freddie Mercury

Meanwhile, Terminal 5 in Heathrow is transforming into a Queen wonderland. Their songs will be up on the Arrivals boards, as well as memorabilia on display in departures. Best yet: any customer called Freddie, Frederick or Farrokh are invited to use British Airways’ luxurious First Lounge.

The celebrations are hoping to raise awareness for Queen’s charity, The Mercury Phoenix Trust.

The bisexual singer became an icon in the 1980s for his revolutionary rock music with band Queen. He also became a symbol for the AIDS crisis after his diagnosis of – and eventual death from complications from – HIV in 1987.

On 24 October 2018, 20th Century Fox are releasing a biopic about Queen titled Bohemian Rhapsody. The film stars Rami Malek as Freddie. However, it recently came under-fire by fans for ‘het-washing’ the lead singer’s bisexuality.

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