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Full-length Deadpool 2 trailer premieres

Full-length Deadpool 2 trailer premieres

Deadpool 2 arrives in May (Photo: Marvel Studios | YouTube)

One of the freshest superhero movies of the last couple of years was Deadpool (2016).

Considering the adult nature of some of the humor, the movie did unexpectedly huge business at the box-office. Taking $363million at the US box office and further $420million worldwide, a sequel was inevitable.

Deadpool 2, again with Ryan Reynolds in the title role, will arrive 15 May. Josh Brolin plays the movie’s chief villain.

Fans of the comic book may be hoping that the sequel does more to highlight the Deadpool’s pansexuality. Producers and Reynolds himself have hinted they’d be open to showing Deadpool with a boyfriend.

However there’s no glaring signs of a male love interest for our anti-hero yet.

The trailer does however feature plenty of scenes between Reynolds and girlfriend Vanessa (played by Morena Baccarin). What it does look is action-packed and as funny as its predecessor.

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