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Gay and bi men hilariously reveal their worst marriage proposals

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Gay and bisexual men are taking to social media to reveal the worst marriage proposals they’ve seen or experienced.

In a hugely popular Reddit thread in the Gay Bros sub-group, one gay man begins by sharing a recent proposal he witnessed.

The gay man and his husband saw a man propose to his girlfriend at Disneyland. She then proceeded to call everyone she knew to explain the news, completely ignoring her new fiancé in the process.

He then asks the group: ‘What is the worst marriage proposal you have witnessed?’

The gay and bi men in the group start to share the marriage proposals they’ve seen, but also ones they’ve experienced.

‘My roommates got engaged in their closet’

One Reddit user responds to the question with a super awkward story about his bisexual boyfriend.

‘My first boyfriend cheated on me multiple times,’ he begins. ‘On one occasion, I stopped into his apartment to give him some handouts from class since he missed.

‘I caught him with a woman he met online. He jumped out of bed and then proposed to me while he was still half naked and she was staring right at me.’


Gay couple kiss at Pride

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One gay man responded to the initial question: ‘I proposed to my boyfriend at a Burger King. Surprisingly, he accepted.’

Then another Reddit user quipped: ‘You could’ve at least done Five Guys.’

In possibly the gayest proposal ever, one Reddit user wrote: ‘My ex is super into Eurovision and went to the finals in 2013. He called me up drunk off his ass and said he was going to propose if Krista Siegfried won.’

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One responder wrote: ‘I saw someone dressed in a My Little Pony fetish outfit propose to their girlfriend and she spanked him instead of answering.’

Another recounted: ‘My ex proposed to me right after we helped a third extremely drunk friend who threw up in my car (and on me a bit) get home. We were on a bed exhausted and wet (after helping her shower) and gross.’

And one Reddit user simply said: ‘My roommates got engaged in their closet.’

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