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Gay celebrity interviewer wants your help to propose to his boyfriend

Written by gaytourism

Jason (R) and Scott McGlynn. | Photo: Supplied

Just in time for Valentine’s Day celebrity interviewer, Scott McGlynn, wants to propose to his long-time boyfriend, but doesn’t know how to.

Host of the The Scott McGlynn Podcast Show, the LGBTI activist gained attention recently when he decided to raise awareness about cyber-bullying. He swum in different pools around Wales with British Olympian, Tom Haffield.

McGlynn has been with Jason, for six years and already proposed to him at Christmas in 2013. But McGlynn wants to do it all over again to celebrate his boyfriend’s year of turning 30.

‘From the first date it was clear we were made for each other,’ McGlynn told Gay Star News.

‘We enjoyed the same food, movies and we ere even fans of Nicole Richie.’

When he first proposed to Jason in 2013 he was very nervous. McGlybbe was shaking so much he couldn’t look his boyfriend in the eye.

‘I hid the ring at the bottom of Justin’s stocking, ready to open in bed on Christmas morning, I was so nervous my heart was beating so loud you could hear it,’ McGlynn said.

‘He opened it and knew straight away what it meant and he said “is this what I think it is?”

‘I replied yes, and he just said “yes” and I was over the moon that Justin was for ready for this next step in our lives.’

The boys threw a big, gay engagement party the following April with all their supportive family and friends.

They wanted a long engagement to give them opportunity to travel but also to save up for their wedding.

The year of 30

‘But Justin is turning 30 in June, and I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned, I think he deserve a real proposal,’ McGlynn said.

‘I have things planned but this is meant to be a very memorable time… I want to make it right, with candles, music, dinner the works, just like from a movie.’

McGlynn has ideas about how to do an elaborate proposal but is also keen to hear suggestions from the public.

‘I would love to do it Pretty Woman style when Edward drives to Vivienne’s place with flowers and loud music, but i don’t think Justin would like the attention even though it’s one of his favorite movies,’ McGlynn said.

‘I’m very romantic that way. If you’re going to do go all out, you may as well go the extra mile.

‘This proposal will be one to be proud of and remember for the rest of our lives.

‘Life’s to short too and I love doing things out the ordinary.’

If you have some ideas for McGlynn, send them to him on Twitter .

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