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Gay dating app that makes users appear ‘more manly’ come under fire

Written by gaytourism


A new dating app that allows you to ‘photoshop’ your profile and photos has been accused of reinforcing ‘damaging’ stereotypes

A gay dating app has been criticised for allowing its users to ‘photoshop’ their bodies to appear ‘more manly’.

The app, ironically called Manly, offers users the option to exaggerate body tone and add facial hair, among other things.

Available for £4.99, the app is accused of reinforcing damaging and ‘unrealistic’ body image stereotypes in men.

Manly is also criticised for its ‘upsetting’ social media content that shows edited versions of people after using the app.

Body confidence issues affect men as well as women

The news comes at a time when society celebrates body confidence in people of all shapes and sizes.

Denis Hatton, co-founder of the Be Real Campaign, told the Independent  the app’s functions may have a negative affect.

‘A lot of people think body image struggles only affect women, but we’ve seen an increasing number of men desperately trying to live up to the male beauty ideal.

‘Just when we finally started to see progress with brands becoming more responsible and reducing excessive airbrushing, then along comes an app like Manly.

‘This app and others like it are a massive step backwards in creating a society less focussed on appearance and more on who we are.’

Gay Star News has contacted Manly for comment.

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