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Gay K-pop star Holland on British bands and Harry Styles: ‘His album is the best’

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Harry Styles and Holland. | Photo: Wiki/supplied

K-pop singer Holland opened up about his love for British artists and yes, Harry Styles is among his favorites.

Holland, stage name of Go Tae Seob, is 22 and the ‘first openly gay K-pop idol’. And probably the only one.

South Korea still has strict anti-LGBTI views, but Holland wants to change his country’s attitude.

‘Korea is also hard to survive in as a gay entertainer. I think Korea should develop more culturally,’ he told

Holland also says ‘culture is the most powerful weapon.’

‘It’s going to take homosexuality coming out of the water,’ he said.

‘A lot of exposure and consumption. And a lot of people have to say it’s not wrong.’

The video for I’m Not Afraid

Two guys kissing in new music video for Holland's new song I'm Not Afraid

Music video for I’m Not Afraid. | Photo: I’m Not Afrai/ YouTube

One of his most recent videos I’m Not Afraid came out in July. It features same-sex couples and different genders and sexualities.

The video was initially given an age restriction on YouTube for its steamy scenes, but it was later removed.

The South Korean star tweeted to comment on the incident at the time of release.

‘The age limit for #Holland #ImNotAfraid music video has been removed from @YouTube,’ he tweeted.

He also added: ‘However, certain countries (Korea, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan) are eligible for viewing after adult certification.’

‘I never imagined that my music video would have an age limit on YouTube,’ he said in the interview.

Furthermore, he said: ‘I thought YouTube was a very open medium. I think there are many other music videos that are sexually appealing. I’m so upset.’

Holland loves Harry Styles

Holland believes the world is becoming more ‘sensitive’ to K-pop, which has helped boost its popularity.

He’s a fan of K-pop bands, such as the very famous BTS and indie band Hyukoh.

Nonetheless, he revealed he is into British music as well.

When asked who his favorites are, Holland said: ‘I love British bands so much. I really like Nothing But Thieves and Harry Styles’ album is the best.’

Styles gave a speech at the end of his final show in July. He said: ‘We’re all a little bit gay, aren’t we?’ and the fans went wild.

Whatever his sexuality, we’re hoping for a possible duet with Holland in the near future.

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