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Gay police officer sues San Francisco in horrible sexual harassment case

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San Francisco police car | Photo: Flickr/vapi photographie

San Francisco police officer Brendan Mannix is suing the city after he said he faced more than a year of bullying by his superiors.

Mannix, 28, and his attorneys filed the lawsuit on Thursday (16 August) in San Francisco Superior Court. In the suit, he accuses numerous officers of sexual harassment, sexual discrimination based on his sexual orientation, and retaliation.

In 2015, Mannix graduated from the police academy. His problems began when he transferred to the Central Station from Richmong Station.

‘Mr. Mannix quickly noticed the “Old Boys’ Club” atmosphere of the station,’ wrote attorney Lawrence Organ.

‘Anyone who did not fit a precise mold — broadly speaking, straight, cisgender, white and male — was targeted for mistreatment; those who complained about it were treated even worse.’

The allegations

Mannix reported several disparaging comments about his person.

Two sergeants were the main people accused. Mannix said one of them accused him of being in a sexual relationship with another gay man at the station. The other would exclaim ‘ugh, you gays!’ anytime Mannix did something the sergeant viewed as stereotypical.

They also made comments about his appearance and weight, as well as calling him ‘queen’.

Mannix confronted the pair but nothing happened. He took a three-month leave in May of last year and upon his return, he filed a formal complaint.

The sergeant who took it, however, was dismissive and ommitted many of the claims. The case closed not long after.

Officers respond

A spokesperson for the city’s Police Department responded with a statement.

‘The San Francisco Police Department is committed to diversity, tolerance and respect for the public and all of our members,’ said David Stevenson. ‘Department members are sworn to hold each other accountable and required to act swiftly to report any misconduct.’

H/t: SF Chronicle

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