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Gay Santorini: The must-know tips about the most romantic gay honeymoon destination in Greece

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Winter is long gone in Greece and, if you are in a relationship, there is not a better country to visit for romantic holidays. The country is packed with all kinds of destinations, waiting to host your next romantic trip!

Among alternative villages with a rich history and cosmopolitan cities with organized gay nightlife, there is a particular destination that stands out for romantic holidays. We could not but refer to the stunning island of Santorini!

Is it its elegant atmosphere? Its gay-friendly attitude? Or its stunning landscapes? The combination of Santorini’s aspects – and much more – leads to its coronation as the best Greek island for romantic gay holidays!

Even if Santorini is mainly recommended for couples, its close distance to Mykonos has made it a great option for single gay travelers as well. Santorini is a utopian island with breathtaking scenery, luxury cliffside hotels and peculiar beaches that every traveler should see.

Romantic activities in Santorini for two

The gay scene of Santorini is still unorganized and the gay entertainment venues are actually limited. However, Santorini has a pretty lively night scene with several marvelous bars, cafes, and restaurants. Since the island is preferred for gay vacations, you can meet other LGBTI people even in the most unexpected locations.

Consider the romantic activities on the island – they are literally countless, catering to all kinds of couples. Either you want to go full romantic and devote your holidays to exclusively romantic activities like watching the sunset together, or explore the island’s peculiar white, red and black sand beaches in an adventurous excursion.

These are the three top romantic activities for gay couples to try when in Santorini, as well as some excellent gay-friendly Santorinian hotels to further upgrade your gay holidays!

Watch the Sunset from Oia!

It’s widely known that the most popular romantic activity in Santorini is to watch the sunset. The castle on Oia is actually the best place to watch it on the island, however, it gets pretty crowded, especially during the high season.

If you are not fond of big crowds, you can enjoy the sunset from many other places around the island. You can rent a yacht and watch it from the sea, or you could prefer an alternative sunset view and watch it from the Akrotiri lighthouse.

Last but not least, all of the hotels located on the Caldera are reputed for their direct sunset views. So, you should pick a hotel on the Caldera and enjoy the sunset from your hotel!

Visit the peculiar beaches of the island 

You might be wondering, what do we actually mean by calling the island’s beaches ‘peculiar’? Santorini does not feature the typical sandy beaches that you would find in the majority of the Greek islands. The island’s volcanic terrain has led to the creation of a wide range of breathtaking beaches with red and black sand. The majority of them are located on the eastern side.

Red Beach is the most renowned beach on the island, known for the red color of its sand and its warm waters. It is easily accessible, so it attracts large crowds in summer. This is why many people prefer to just admire it from the headland. In addition to the red beach, there are many black-sand beaches, but the most popular ones are Kamari and Perissa Beach (South-East of Fira), and Agios Georgios (very close to Perissa).

Note that Vlychada Beach, about 10km south of Fira, is the only beach in Santorini that includes a gay section. The left-hand side of the beach is distinguished by its huge white rocks and black sand pebbles, and the gay spot is located on the furthest part of that side.

Arrange a romantic dinner overlooking the Caldera 

You have visited one of the most popular countries around the world, known for its extensive and delicious food tradition. So it’s only natural that arranging a romantic candle-lit dinner is one of the must-do activities.

If you want to live a truly memorable experience, you should choose one of the numerous restaurants with a Caldera view. These are the most popular types of restaurants, and the most expensive ones!

If you are interested in a more exclusive experience or you do not simply want to bother searching, you should stay in one of the hotels in Oia, since all of the hotels feature Caldera views.

For an alternative dining experience, you should prefer Santorini’s traditional taverns. Some villages like Pyrgos Kallistis host marvelous taverns with delicious local food and breathtaking views!

Unique hotel experiences around Santorini island

Vino Houses: The hotel-winery

Vino Houses is actually a themed hotel that consists of three autonomous apartments, specially designed to give you unique feelings. Vinsanto House will make you feel like you are in a winery, Athiri House’s view over the garden will make you think of Finikia village as your home, while Nykteri’s interior design will make you feel like a part of Greece!

Don’t miss the donkey tour, guided by Mr. John. It’s surely an experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

Nafsika Estate: For fancy gay cocktail evenings

Nafsika Estate is an absolutely perfect resort for groups of friends and it’s located in Megalochori Village. It is the perfect place to arrange a ‘gay-off’ with your friends, since it can host up to 10 people.

The villa’s minimal design makes it stand out from the others, while its total privacy and seclusion will make you feel cozy. The outdoor area features a large swimming pool, and sun loungers to relax and sunbath. Of course, a personal butler and a chef will be available to cater to your needs throughout the day!

The outdoor terrace is a great place to organize an evening cocktail party with friends!

Astra Suites: For gay families 

Astra Suites is a beautiful hotel located in Imerovigli Village, very close to Fira, the island’s capital. It’s a great option for all kinds of travelers, from single LGBTI travelers to same-sex couples and families.

In addition to the hotel’s rooms, Astra Suites includes two out-of-site villas, which are strongly recommended for same-sex parent families – although not only.

The Architect’s House is located between the villages of Imerovigli and Oia, and it was specially created for families. It has three bedrooms, making it also great for big families, as well as a personal swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Explore a little more of Greece with an island tour offered by the hotel. Your family will surely appreciate it!

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