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Gender non-binary activist is the new face of beauty campaign

Written by gaytourism

Jacob Tobia. | Photo: Fluide

Jacob Tobia is one of the world’s most high-profile non-binary activists and they’ve just landed an historic deal as the new face of makeup line.

The artist and filmmaker will front Fluide’s Uncuffed collection of lipsticks and took to Facebook to celebrate. They said it was a personal milestone and also an achievement for the entire gender non-binary community.

‘After years of being overlooked by the beauty industry, it feels like such a milestone in my life and in my career,’ Tobia wrote on Facebook.

‘For generations, gender nonconforming people have been trailblazers in the fashion and beauty world, but our contributions have often been overlooked, erased, or displayed on bodies other than our own.’

Tobia said the world was quick to embrace gender nonconfirming ‘fashion’ but left people behind.

‘Gender nonconforming looks have been paraded on cisgender bodies, bodies that do not have our same power, bodies that have not experienced the stigma, isolation, or marginalization that people in the nonbinary community have faced,’ they wrote.

Jacob Tobia has wave hari with blue glitter and wearing black silver top and silver necklace. they're staring side on at the camera with hand on chin

Jacob Tobia. | Photo: Fluide

They chose to partner with Fluide because it is ‘a cosmetics company inspired by and built for the gender nonconforming, trans, and nonbinary community’.

‘I know that we are taking steps to end this erasure. I know that we are taking steps towards ensuring that nonbinary and gender nonconforming beauty is appreciated, celebrated, and loved in every shade, every body hair configuration, every pigment, every skin tone, every curve,’ Tobia wrote.

Fluide for all queers

Fluide is a US based cosmetics company that makes ‘cruelty-free makeup for all gender expressions, gender identities and skin tones’.

Its lipstick and nail polish colors are named after queer spaces around the world. Their names are a tribute to the ‘importance of safe spaces for the LGBTQ community’.

The company donates 5% of its profits to organizations that support the health and legal rights of the LGBTQ community.

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