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Genderqueer actor Jesse James Keitel is the new star of Younger

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Jesse James Keitel. | Photo: Instagram

Genderqueer actor Jesse James Keitel features in the new season of Younger.

The young NYC actor appeared in recent film Alex Strangelove as character Sidney.

And now Jesse James Keitel is also joining the acclaimed cast of Younger as Lauren Heller’s (actress Molly Bernard) personal assistant, Tam.

In a new promotional video out today (24 June), the cast of Younger explain how important this moment is.

Bernard introduces Tam as ‘pansexual, homo-romantic and their pronouns are they, them and their.’

Actress and singer Hillary Duff starts off in the video: ‘This season really tackles gender and sexuality.’

Actor Nico Tortorella then says: ‘I am thrilled that this character exists on television.’

He also adds at the end: ‘Genderqueer visibility on television in 2018? Fuck yes!’

The official Younger Twitter account released the video with the caption: ‘Happy Pride’

Watch the full video:

In an exclusive interview with Gay Star News, Nico Tortorella said his character on the show is different to how he is in real life.

He said: ‘A lot of my audience and the world knows me as a character I play on television – who’s a very cis, very straight dude.

‘So that immediately, whether we like it or not, gives me a platform that’s a little larger. It makes me seem a way that is, quote unquote, “normal” on television that’s approachable and super commercial.

‘I mean, historically, the straight, white man has always been the first person to get a message across,’ he then said.

Nico Tortorella

Getting his makeup done | Photo: YouTube/them

He identifies as bisexual, sexually fluid and is also in a polyamorous relationship with Bethany Meyers. He furthermore says he’s demi-romantic.

He’s also previously been a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Read the full interview:

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