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Google Maps users troll Russia censor, brand their HQ ‘closed gay bar’

Written by gaytourism

Russians protest for LGBTI rights

Google Maps users have trolled the headquarters of a Russian censor, calling their office a ‘permanently closed gay bar’.

In an act of protest against the government agency, Russians have decided to form their backlash in a way that everyone knows about it.

It comes as the Roskomnadzor, the federal censor, blocked access to instant messenger Telegram.

Telegram is a tool often used like Whatsapp or Slack, connecting colleagues and friends.

For the past five days, they have blocked millions of IP addresses from accessing the online program.

On Google Maps, people have slammed Roskomnadzor’s offices across the country with negative reviews.

One renamed the Moscow headquarters to Roskompozor (Roskom-disgrace), and changed its listed operating hours to permanently closed.

Trolls also reclassified from a ‘state institution’ to a ‘gay bar’.

Some internet users have also uploaded photographs to their reviews, showing various cat photos. One photo shows a group of terrorists gathered around a flag bearing Telegram’s logo.

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