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Grandma upsets boy by setting his dress on fire, dad reacts in the best way

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This boy who loves wearing a dress was traumatized by his grandma

A young dad has reacted in the best way after their son’s grandma set the boy’s dresses on fire.

The couple went on vacation for a week and so decided to let grandma watch their five-year-old son.

Grandma traumatizes boy by forcing him to watch her setting his dresses on fire

‘We let him dress however he wants. Sometimes he likes to dress up as a police officer and sometimes he likes to be a princess,’ the dad wrote on Reddit.

‘We let him decide and it doesn’t bother us at all.’

The dad said he packed two dresses and three of his other dress up outfits, along with shorts and regular shirts, for the stay.

The day before they came home, they knew there was a problem with their son.

‘[My mother-in-law said he did not want to talk and we assumed he was upset because he missed us,’ he continued.

‘When we went to pick him up yesterday, he came running to me hysterical saying “Grandma burnt my skirt and put it on fire!”

‘I was confused and he wouldn’t stop crying so my wife asked her what he was talking about.

‘She said that “no little boy should be wearing a dress, he’s gonna get himself beat up or worse” …he’s five years old.

‘I asked what she did with the clothes and she said she put them in the burning bin in the back yard and showed him.

Mother-in-law went ‘too far’

The dad said, while his mother-in-law was always overbearing, this was ‘going too far’.

‘I grabbed the rest of his clothes and said, “you will never see my son again, what the hell so wrong with you?!”’

But his wife didn’t support him or her son.

‘I took him and went to the car and my wife came out about five minutes later. She told ME that I was overreacting and that her mother just “doesn’t understand it”. She doesn’t have to understand shit but she will respect OUR parenting and the way we do things. My wife still doesn’t seem to get it.

‘My son is still upset and it pisses me off every time I think about it. When I asked him what happened he said that he wanted to play princess but that grandma snatched the clothes off of him and said he can’t wear it and took him outside. I’m assuming that’s when she showed him the clothes burning.

‘My wife is saying how I need to make things right and that we will need her to babysit again. I will pay someone before I ever allow he to watch him again. Am I overreacting? Is it too much to say that he will not be going over there again?’

Dad advised he did the right thing

Other Redditors provided advice.

‘Doesn’t seem like an overreaction to be honest,’ one said.

‘MIL likely traumatized your son for the rest of his life (or at least potentially could have). Fuck that shit!

‘Moreover, overruling a parent and making a decision that is hot MILs decision to make would be another disqualifier. If it wasn’t for her traumatizing your son, this could be cleared up in conversation, I feel like. But since she did, you are not overreacting at all. Actions have consequences and sometimes there is no going back.

‘You do not have to make things right. Wife has to understand priorities and not make the mistake of being biased due to family bonds.’

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