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Gus Kenworthy is going to be the Democrats’ special guest at gala

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Kenworthy with an American flag | Photo: Facebook/Gus Kenworthy

Gus Kenworthy is going to be the special guest at the Democratic National Committee’s 19th annual LGBTQ gala. The event takes place 25 June in New York City.

The announcement of his attendance comes not long after he turned down a visit to the White House.

The Olympic athlete will also be headlining a kick-off event with donors and activist.

‘I couldn’t be more excited to join the DNC at their LGBTQ Gala this Pride season,’ Kenworthy said in a statement.

Former treasurer Andy Tobias began the gala as a small dinner in 1999. Now it has grown to be one of the organization’s biggest events.

Fighting for the future

Part of Kenworthy’s involvement includes bringing attention to this year’s midterm elections in November. There are an unprecedented number of women and LGBTQ candidates running this year.

Kenworthy continued: ‘Over the last year, the Trump-Pence administration has pushed our community to the sidelines, attacking us for who we are and who we love. It’s time we take a stand against this administration by electing representatives this upcoming November who actively support and believe in equality for everyone.’

DNC Chair Tom Perez is also thrilled to have Kenworthy on board.

He praised him as a ‘tireless advocate’ for standing up to the Trump-Pence administration.

Perez also discussed last year’s historic elections and the hope for the future.

‘The 2017 elections were a landmark moment for the LGBTQ community. Not only did we elect the first openly transgender state legislator, but LGBTQ candidates broke barriers from Palm Springs and Seattle to Minneapolis and New York.

‘This year, we want to celebrate that success and refocus the LGBTQ community on just what is at stake in the coming 2018 midterms. With the help of people like Gus, Democrats will win up and down the ballot, from the school board to the Senate.’

Money raised from the gala will go towards campaigns for the midterms.

Speaking his mind

Kenworthy has never been afraid to  speak up for his beliefs, whether it’s pet adoption or politics.

He also regularly blasts homophobes on social media.

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