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Gus Kenworthy’s new swimwear advert is keeping his fans very happy

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Gus Kenworthy tests the water in his new H&M swimming shorts (@guskenworthy | Instagram)

Winter Olympian Gus Kenworthy appears in a new swimwear advert as part of H&M’s summer campaign.

H&M posted a short video clip of the athlete stripping down to his underwear on its social media yesterday.

The skiier followed it up a few hours later with a photo from the campaign on his Instagram account.

Gus Kenworthy for H&M

‘Wanna go in but it hasn’t been 30 minutes since I ate 👅🍩 … Sooo I guess I’ll just stand here feelin’ cute in my new stripy @hm trunks’

The posting has received many complimentary messages, although some have questioned Kenworthy’s choice of emojis: a tongue and donut.

‘Last time i checked there was no time limit for swimming after licking hole if y’all know what i mean,’ said one @elenakayy_

Kenworthy was one of the most high-profile Team USA athletes to take part in the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February. He’s already appeared in adverts this year for Samsung and Head & Shoulders.

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