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Guy accidentally sets up Snapchat group trying to pick up girls but hilariously backfires

Written by gaytourism

Hilarious Snapchat fail goes viral. | Photo: Twitter

A guy mistakenly set up a Snapchat group with a whole bunch of girls he was trying to pick up.

But what happened next was amazing.

The guy, known only as Kyle, set up the group chat to send nudes but when the girls realized he was just being lazy by not sending them individually, they began chatting to each other.

One of the women suggested: ‘We should kick him out of the group and just send each other nudes.’

Then they all agreed to send each other nudes within the Snapchat group.

‘Kyle accidentally started a lesbian cult’

The chat progresses to some of the women saying they’re actually attracted to girls.

One says: ‘Yeah wow, we can live out our niche sapphic fantasies.’

Another said: ‘Kyle accidentally started a lesbian cult.’

Woman taking a selfie

Photo: Pixabay

One of the women even shared a photo of her dog.

Twitter user Elizabeth (SpringBreak2005) then posted the full conversation on social media, without the nudes.

Read the viral tweet:

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