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Here are the 27 best pictures from the New York Pride parade

Written by gaytourism

New York comes out to celebrate Pride

Here are the best pictures from New York Pride 2018

Everyone was in the mood for love at New York Pride.

More than 2 million people come out to celebrate.

Even one of the most famous people on the planet.

Many came out with confidence.

But most of all happiness.

Dogs got in on the festivities.

Flags were out in abundance…

Some guys turned looks (and heads).

And the girls did too.

The whole city was alive with rainbows.

Everyone was feeling themselves come rain or shine…

It was a day to be your most fierce self.

The message was ‘just be you’

Fighting for a better future

But also to remember to fight for a better future.

No matter where you came from, it was a day to fight and dance.

Because after all… love is a terrible thing to hate

Even if you’re wearing barely anything at all

Or wearing the biggest feathers you could find…

No matter what you believe…

It was a beautiful day of love…




And feeling free.

A memorable day attended by over two million people

It was a day to be very, very wicked…

Or to make commitments to be good to one another for life…

Happy Pride New York City

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