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Here’s how celebrities are making Coachella more queer in 2018

Written by gaytourism

Living that Coachella life | Photo: Instagram @KeiynanLonsdale

Artists like lesbian singer Hayley Kiyoko and queer artist Keiynan Lonsdale are changing the nature of California music festival Coachella.

The annual event has come under fire for the controversial spending habits of owner Philip Anschutz. Cara Delevingne refuses to go to the festival because of this, despite Anschutz’s statements that he isn’t anti-LGBTQ.

However, some performers and attendees aren’t letting all that define their Coachella experience.

Kiyoko performed at the festival this year, not long after the release of her debut album, and blew everyone away.

The singer took to the stage with a rainbow 20GayTeen flag, making fans rename the festival ‘coachellesbian’.

She also made other people question their own sexuality.

That eye contact is very, very real.

Meanwhile, Lonsdale attended the festival, wearing a floral skirt and no shirt. He tweeted out photos of his outfit, along with the comment: ‘Shops need to start including skirts and dresses in the men’s section.’

Taking back Coachella

Is it possible to reclaim Coachella, and what it is, and who it’s for, despite who the owner may be?

It’s an individual and personal decision, but if more people like Kiyoko and Lonsdale attend, it could evolve into something more than what it’s been in the past.

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