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He’s a Dedicated Follower of Fashion

“I Want Dick White!”
My boyfriend had just come out of the shower, still towelling his hair, droplets of water glistening on his near-perfectly smooth naked brown body. How my heart always skipped a beat seeing him in such a natural pose, without any of the shyness most of his countrymen betray when without clothes! Not sure what he had said, I looked up from my iPad and asked him to tell me again.
“I Want Dick White!”
And so the mystery started. At first I thought he must have met another westerner going by the name Dick White. In our long relationship we had become more open with each other even to the point of occasionally straying and having sex with other men. Our rule, though, was that we would always tell the other about the adventures we had got up to. We knew of some of our friends in Bangkok who would find sex without telling their partners. We had agreed near the outset that we would tell the truth to each other.
I Like Him as He is –

Now I know that Thais have a reputation of regarding the truth with a considerable degree of variety. Nervous at first, I

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