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Homophobic mommy blogger attacks drag queen for reading to children

Written by gaytourism

Hannah Conda at Drag Queen Story Time (L) and politicalpostingmumma. | Photo: Supplied and Facebook

A drag queen targeted by a popular homophobic ‘mommy blogger’ wants to help her ‘open her mind’.

Marijke Rancie runs the ‘Political Posting Mumma (PPM)’ Facebook page. Her page is dedicated to promoting Christianity and denouncing the LGBTI community. In December last year, PPM published a nude photo of a LGBTI youth worker.

But on 30 March PPM decided to single out Australian queen, Hannah Conda, in a post about a new Drag Story Time in Sydney.

Hannah read to children at a Rainbow Families Playgroup in January, but the blogger only just found a media story about the event.

It was then she took to Facebook to tell her followers she was ‘shocked’ the globally popular concept of drag queens reading storybooks to children had finally reached Australia.

PPM told her followers not to ‘forget to bring a piece of fruit’ to the event.

Hannah Conda told Gay Star News PPM’s original post ‘wasn’t too bad’. While she initially laughed it off, what came next was heartbreaking.

‘It was the comments and the shares of her post that you find the nastiness,’ Hannah said.

‘There was numerous comments about “burning faggots”, there was likening drag queens and gay people to pedophiles. The list goes on.’

Hannah got angry seeing ‘these people ripping up to shreds’. She especially found the comments ironic seeing as they happened over Easter weekend. Many of those criticizing the drag queens were doing so based on their belief in Christianity.

‘These people base most of their arguments on the laws of God and Christianity. Yet they would use Easter Sunday, a holy day, to rarass and be vile to someone they don’t even know,’ Hannah said.

Arguably one of Australia’s most popular drag queens, Hannah regretted reading the comments.

‘I spiralled into a place where I felt unsafe, uncomfortable and really sad for the world. So it’s safe to say the last 48 hours have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.’

Hannah Conda as Dorothy.

Hannah Conda as Dorothy. | Photo: Instagram/@hannahconda1307

‘I feel sad for her’

Rather than stay angry, Hannah wants to invite PPM to one of the story times or even one of her drag shows.

‘I would like to ask her to come and see a show. Come and talk to the GLBTQ community. So she can actually interact with the people she berates,’ Hannah said.

‘If she allowed herself to open up and see our side of the world, maybe she would be able to have some empathy and realise we are just people like her.

‘I feel sad for her, that publicly shaming events such as story time is what brings her joy. I feel that she is someone who one day will have karma come back around and she will have to deal with the same persecution she has been dealing out and allowing to happen on her page.’

Drag queen hannah conda dressed as snow white standing in a park with her hands up

Hannah Conda. | Photo: Facebook/Hannah Conda

Story time is fun

The kids who come along to the story time are the ‘greatest’ with the ‘best parents who loved and adore these little ones’, according to Hannah.

‘I love hanging out with kids. They are the coolest people in the world and are uninhibited by the world,’ Hannah said.

‘They ask so many questions and in Drag Story Time they have the chance to ask things without being judged or scared of getting into trouble for offending someone.’

Hannah also wants PPM to come along to one of the story times to ‘see how it works and see the kids’.

‘I would just like her to open her mind to all the kinds of people in the world,’ Hannah said.

‘She doesn’t need to agree with our lives, but to have some empathy and kindness and stop posting hateful things would make the world of difference.’

Gay Star News has reached out to PPM for comment and will update the story when she replies.

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