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I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues

Worry not! Try Blued
Yes, I know. When I feel down, I also frequently check the apps to see who might be lurking nearby, hoping there will be some cute young guys interested in meeting up with an older foreigner. Hasn’t it always been this way since the dawn of the internet age?
Popular Gay Apps
For me, the first gay social networking sites I recall were, gaydar, a Thai site whose name I have long forgotten, and then eventually gay romeo. was the most productive until I started a bit of travelling around Asia. It was then that gaydar seemed to come into its own. I have many fond memories of encounters over several years in Taiwan and Japan exclusively from these two sites.
Cum and Check Out the Apps –
Now is dead and gaydar, at least in Asia, has lost much of its lustre. With the advent of smartphones and Pads, the scene has changed dramatically. I can think of few gays who do not have Jack’d, Grindr and Hornet on their apps list.
One Asian site founded in 2001 that provided a fantastic entry into the Chinese diaspora was, somewhat surprisingly run out of gay-unfriendly Singapore. fridae

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