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Is the Easter Bunny gay?

Written by gaytourism

The Easter Bunny sure does love all things rainbow.

Sunday, 1 April is not only April Fool’s Day this year, but also Easter Sunday. Back in 2014, Queerty shared eight reasons why Easter is the gayest holiday. But today, let’s focus specifically on the Easter Bunny.

Similar to Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny is a mythic symbol of Easter. He is often depicted wearing clothes and carrying a basket of Easter eggs and candy, which he brings to children who have been good.

Fictional gay representation

The LGBTI community has had no issue taking characters from popular culture and creating LGBTI icons out of them. This was the case with The Babadook, Pennywise the Clown from the movie IT, and various other fictional characters including Bugs Bunny, Velma from Scooby-Doo, and Spongebob.

So why does the Easter Bunny deserve to be among the ranks of these cartoon icons? Well, he’s obviously very gay!

Here are the reasons why:

  1. His wardrobe is pretty stereotypically gay, what with all the pastels.
  2. He carries around a basket of RAINBOW colored eggs. Hello, Pride!
  3. Sometimes there are toys in his basket, too. Sex toys? Perhaps.
  4. The euphemism ‘humping like bunnies’ seems pretty telling of his hobbies.
  5. He’s been coded as gay in many children’s TV shows, such as Teen Titans Go:

[embedded content]

‘I mean, if we want to think of Easter as a party, making people find eggs around wherever the fuck sounds like some Club Kids shit,’ my friend Haley muses, referring to the outrageous parties held by Michael Alig in the 1990s.

People on Twitter seem to agree that the Easter Bunny is quite gay:

And let’s not forget that John Oliver’s gay bunny book for kids outsold Vice President Pence’s bunny book. Gay bunnies of the world unite!

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