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Is this comic video about gay men and alcohol too close for comfort?

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Michael Henry (left) and friends discuss alcohol (Photo: YouTube)

We love the comedy YouTube videos from Los Angeles-based actor and writer Michael Henry. Previous offerings, such as ‘That moment you realize you’ve had sex with your friend’s new boyfriend’, perfectly capture particular tragi-comic elements of gay life.

His latest video is again funny but may actually make uncomfortable viewing for some. It jokingly explores the fact that man gay men rely on alcohol as a social crutch or to tackle their own mental health problems.

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In it, three gay guys, including Henry, exchanged quick-fire banter about the reasons why they drinks and some of the consequences. They touch on everything from needing alcohol to enjoy sex, issues around their appearance, peer pressure, to alleviating feelings of sadness at being single.

‘I have for sure questioned my own alcohol use’

GSN caught up with Henry to ask him why he’d made the video. Has he questioned his own alcohol use in the past?

‘I have for sure questioned my own alcohol use. I compared my weeknights to my straight friends and they’re at home watching Netflix and going to bed at 10pm. I’m out at a bar with some friends socializing.

‘I’ve been hungover on a Wednesday morning and thought “Uhmmmm, I don’t know about this.” so I for sure have questioned my alcohol use but usually dismissed it because I’m doing exactly what my friends are doing. So how could it be a problem?

‘What prompted me to make the video is so many of my gay friends are sober and I wanted to do some research on why and what made them feel like that was the route that was best for them.

‘And my findings were so relatable to me that I wanted to make a video and share it because I knew it would strike a chord with other people too.’

Research in a number of countries has found that LGBTI people are more prone to problems with alcohol and drugs. Does Henry have any advice for anyone concerned about their alcohol use.

‘I don’t have any advice for anyone who thinks they’re drinking too much. I’m not telling people that they should or shouldn’t over drink. All I wanted to do is make something relatable.

‘And if you think you’re that person that drinks every night, maybe think to yourself “Damn, I drink every night. Let me think about this” .’

If you are concerned about your drinking, contact a local LGBTI helpline for support or advice on organizations that can help.

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