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Is your gym gear holding you back?

Written by gaytourism

Are finding it tough to stick to those resolutions that you made so enthusiastically on the first day of January?

If you need a bit of an incentive to stay focused and motivated in the gym, then it could be time to sex up your work-out gear. Here’s a couple of things that are definitely on our wish-list:

Hiker Shorts

Handy pair of workout shorts.

This limited edition California Collection Hiker Shorts are built for any outdoor activity. Whether you’re off the beach or busting out a work out this pair will give you that extra attention you desire. Their sporty and sexy design is made to accentuate your body.

Vibe Gym Hoodie

Do you wear hoodies to the gym?

The Vibe Gym Hoodie is made using a soft vintage heather fabric with a flattering slim cut. If you’re wanting to add that bit of mysteriousness to yourself at the gym then this hoodie is for you.

Master Tank Top

Looking for your submissive at the gym?

Show everyone at the gym who’s in charge with this Master Tank Top. The bold graphic is designed to give you a commanding presence while you pump some iron.

Extra Tank

Add something extra to your workout.

Looking for that something extra to set you apart at the gym? Then grab yourself this sleek Extra Tank with a super cute text print and contrasting stitching. Whether you wear it at the gym or at home in your undies it’s sure to become a favorite.

Summer Tank

Summer ready!

Summer is here and so is the perfect Summer Tank! This soft, striped fabric with a slim cut will make sure to show off your physique. Wear it to the gym or with your favorite swim trunks for that perfect summer go-to outfit.

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