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Happy Memories of Asia
Reading predictions elsewhere about the doubtful future for Bangkok’s go-go bars took me back to my first visit to that amazing city. I doubt if any gay visitor to Thailand in the mid-1980s was anything but gobsmacked by the amazing variety on offer in the go-go bars. Here were some of the loveliest boys on the planet having fun, many throwing killer smiles at you in the hope you’d be so smitten you would immediately off them.
Recent Bangkok Gay Club – GoThaiBeFree
Well, to be honest, not all the boys smiled. Twilight was a sleaze-type joint run by a pair of severe-looking mamasans with a short retainer running around adding in extra chairs as more and more punters came in. There never seemed to be more than a couple of dozen on weekdays but it would be packed to the rafters on Fridays and Saturdays. The boys here danced in underwear until around 9:30 pm when, with a bark from one of the mamasans, the next group of four due on the tiny stage would take off their pants, quickly try to encourage some life out of their manhoods before it was their turn for a five-minute stint.

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