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Jacinda Ardern became the first New Zealand Prime Minister to march in Auckland Pride

Written by gaytourism

Jacinda Ardern (center) is the first NZ Prime Minister to walk in the Auckland Pride. | Photo: Facebook

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern became the first leader of that country to walk in the Auckland Pride Parade.

Ardern was elected into office last year and has been vocal about her support for LGBTI rights.

The PM kicked off Saturday night’s parade when she was invited to cut the ribbon at the start of the parade route.

Auckland, located on the North Island is New Zealand’s largest city and has a thriving LGBTI community.

Speaking to the the largest every Auckland Pride crowd of about 30,000 people, Ardern said it was important the LGBTI community knew they were loved.

She told onlookers she ‘walks beside’ the LGBTI community and that the need to feel safe and supported.

‘Bullying, a sense that you can’t be who you are in certain environments – we do still need to be worried about that,’ Ardern told the crowd.

‘Those people are growing up all over New Zealand.’ Ms Ardern said.

‘I’ve loved every Pride Parade I have been lucky enough to walk in, but this one was particularly special,’ Ardern wrote on her Facebook page.

‘The streets were packed, and what an important message that sends about diversity and inclusiveness. Thanks to everyone who came!’

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