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Jim Parsons thinks it’s ‘never too late’ for gay representation in media

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Parsons talking with Stephen Colbert | Photo: YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Jim Parsons was recently on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. While chatting with the host, they discussed things from wedding rings to Parsons’ return to Broadway and gay representation in the media.

First Colbert asked the actor about being married — for about a year now.

Parsons explains that the ring is one of the biggest things to get used to.

‘The only weird hitch has been an occupation hazard, which is this,’ Parsons says, holding up his ring finger. ‘It has to come off for a lot of roles.

‘I’ve left it in my dressing room more than once … and the first time it happened, Todd [his husband] was unamused.’

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It’s never too late

The conversation then turned to Parsons’ return to Broadway. He’s starring in The Boys in Band, a revival of Mart Crowley’s 1968 gay play. He stars alongside the likes of Zachary Quinto, Matt Bomer, and more.

‘Even on the very first day of rehearsal — and this may sound strange — but to be in a room, filled with nothing but eight other gay actors, it was tonally different immediately,’ Parsons reveals.

While discussing the play’s representation, the actor brings up the recent film Love, Simon.

Parsons recalled seeing articles that read the movie’s coming out story was ‘too late’.

‘I thought, “Maybe if you’re a 30-something year-old writer living in New York or LA, it may be like, ‘I don’t need to see this,’” obviously,’ he says.

‘But I don’t know, I think there are other people in many other people who, yes, do still need to see this.’

Then he hilarious goes off on romantic comedies.

‘Nevermind the fact it’s a gay rom-com — it’s too late — tell that to When Harry Met Sally! Which was brilliant, but how many straight rom-coms do we need? When is it “too late” for them?’

Colbert then jumps in with: ‘It’s time for When Mary Met Sally.’

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