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Joel Creasey: ‘I was the last comedian to work with Joan Rivers’

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Joel Creasey is coming to London. | Photo: Supplied

When I give Australian comedian, Joel Creasey, a call to interview him about his upcoming London shows, I find out he’s locked himself out of his apartment.

The ‘charmingly controversial’ comedian can’t find the swipe card to get into the building and is frantically looking around for a cleaner to let him in.

‘Should I give you a call back once you’ve sorted this out?’ I ask.

‘No it’s fine, I can give you all my attention, plus standing outside I’ll get some much needed fresh air,’ Creasey tells me, looking on the bright side.

According to Creasey he is ‘Australia’s 7th most famous gay man’, but really he’s a household name Down Under.

At the tender age of just 27, he’s had a pretty cracking career; selling out shows around the world, appearing on some of Australia’s most popular TV shows and earning lucrative endorsement deals.

Joan Rivers: ‘He is a fucking star’

Creasey really became a household name as a contestant on Australia’s I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. It’s a booking he credits to the late comedy legend Joan Rivers, who handpicked Creasey to tour with him.

He describes his comedy style as autobiographical and sassy, much in the style of Rivers. In fact, he was on tour with her just before her death and says he was the last comedian to work with the legend.

‘I toured with Joan Rivers and I was lucky to have learnt from the master,’ he says.

‘I worked with her the night before she went into the coma.

‘She’s the reason I started to get cast on TV shows, I’ve got a lot to thank her for.’

‘London audiences are so intelligent’

The very in-demand actor will be in Europe next year to host Australia’s broadcast of Eurovision for a second time.

Creasey decided to spend a week in London before heading over to Lisbon for the singing contest. But the ever-busy comedian couldn’t resist booking some stand-up gigs and will be pretty much performing the whole time he’s there.

But he doesn’t count stand-up as an arduous task.

‘It’s not an awful job, it’s going to be fun,’ he says.

‘I love performing to London crowds. They’re very intelligent and don’t take themselves to seriously.

‘And they love a drink.’

Even though he hasn’t performed there in years, Creasey is very fond of London, in particular the night life.

He rattles off his favorite gay bars and nightclubs, saying he’s had many a wild night in London.

‘Oh my God. I love partying in London, I become my naughtiest self in London,’ he says.

‘I love Porn Idol, and I’m bringing my boy and he’s never seen it. I told him “babe you’re going to love it”.’

Creasey recalls one especially crazy night in London town with RuPaul’s Drag Race winner, Jinkx Monsoon.

‘I can’t remember his name, but he was playing Jean Valjean in Les Misérables. But we ended up back in his apartment very late at night,’ Creasey recalls.

‘And then he and Jinkx put on a two person performance of all of Les Misérables. It was amazing!’

The best of Joel Creasey

Creasey clearly loves his job and he’s a comedian who’s not going to get political, have multiple costume changes, or lots of light changes to distract the audience.

He’s just one funny guy with a microphone who’ll bring the best bits from his most recent shows over the years.

‘Even if you’ve seen me before, you’ll see something new in this show,’ he says.

‘I’m doing my ‘best of’ Joel Creasey.

‘It’s just an hour of jokes, you’re going to come out dumber but you’ll have a good time.’

Joel Creasey is performing five shows at the Soho Theatre, London. 1 -4 May, tickets available at Live Nation.

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