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Jujubee on who she’s dating, her gay cat and possible Drag Race return

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Jujubee | Photos: Supplied

A warm, giggly Jujubee picks up the phone from her apartment in Boston, Massachusetts, her cats Mister and Priss by her side.

‘Mister is the boy, Priss a girl – I think she identifies as female,’ says the RuPaul’s Drag Race alum, real name Airline Inthyrath. ‘She’s in heat right now. I believe Mister is a homosexual. Every time I get in drag, he comes over and watches me. There’s such interest…’

This month, however, the 34-year-old will leave her beloved pets behind for her DragWorld UK convention debut in London. But who’ll look after them when she’s on the road?

‘My drag mother, and my sister,’ says the star. ‘They’re the luckiest cats in the world.’

Here Jujubee, who made her name on RPDR in 2010, talks about a potential return, the power of meditation and why she’s currently dating ‘myself and God’…

Are you excited about DragWorld UK?

I am. I’ve been to New England; now I get to go to Old England, enjoy fish and chips, hang out with the wonderful fans and see my drag sisters! Nothing could be more perfect.

Do you like the British accent?

I love it. I love all men, but British men are very sexy.

What’s been your strangest fan encounter at a convention?

Someone once asked me for a picture and then said: ‘Thank you so much Jiggly.’ I said: ‘You’re welcome, bitch.’

Have you ever been proposed marriage or hit on by a fan?

All the time! I don’t know if it’s like jokingly, but I’m like: ‘Sure.’ I’m like: ‘Cute.’

What’s the most commonly asked question you get from fans?

‘How’s Raven?’

How is Raven?

She’s doing great. The interesting thing is Raven says the same thing. ‘Everyone’s always asking about you!’ We do talk a lot, but I think everyone assumes we’re joined at the hip. He’s in California and I’m here in Massachusetts.

Would you ever follow in Katya and Trixie’s footsteps and become a double act?

Of course. I’m so grateful to have met Raven. We’ve become really good friends. I refer to Raven as ‘he’ because he’s like my big brother.

How big is your non-drag wardrobe compared to your drag wardrobe?

Gosh… It’s really sad to compare it. I live in a one-bedroom with a den, kind of for office space, but also for my drag. Then my closet in my bedroom is for my regular clothes. I’m a pretty standard, blend-in-with-the-crowd kind of boy. I like basic. I don’t wear any designer. So it’s not much. I kind of wear the same thing every day.

How many days a week are you in drag?

It changes. Sometimes once a week, and sometimes back-to-back shows. I try to keep busy. But also, I like it when I’m able to grow a moustache. It takes me two weeks!

What was your gateway piece of clothing that made you realize you wanted to be a drag queen?

Anything with sequins. Rhinestones are pretty amazing too. The shiny idea.

At what age were you drawn to shiny things?

Oh, I was very young. What year did The Bodyguard come out? [1992] I was obsessed with Whitney Houston. I always wanted to be Whitney, since I was like eight years old.

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What’s the best way to remove glitter?


What word would you add to charisma, uniqueness, nerve, talent?

Sass. Just to finish the acronym out! Or perseverance. In the entertainment industry, you’re going to get people saying no, there’s going to be moments of doubt, rejection. You’ve just got to push through it.

What are your tips for dealing with self doubt?

I’m glad you’ve brought that up. I’m a spiritual person. I find myself becoming more centered and less self-centered. I meditate every single day. I’m on my 67th day of meditation, straight. I’m proud of that. It’s helped me gain control of my feelings and my mind. I get to manage things more because I’m more mindful. As humans, we have ups and downs and feelings. I have those feelings, but I don’t sit in it. I let it pass, because new feelings will arise. It’s part of growth. Be more mindful and meditate.

How many minutes a day do you do that?

Between 10 and 15.

Who did you want to win the last series of Drag Race and why?

I had a gut feeling Aquaria was going to go to the end. She’s an incredible artist. What is she, 21? When I was 21, I did not have the knowledge or the passion she has now. She’s doing her thing. But I believe any of those girls in the top three could have managed. I would have loved to see Asia take it, because she was so incredible. Her message of love is so great. And Kameron is so beautiful, in and out of drag. She’s a great dancer too.

How can the show freshen up for the next series?

Oh my gosh, so much has changed since season two! I was even saying to a friend yesterday, had I not auditioned for season two, would I ever have made it on? It’s so much harder. They’re doing such a great job. The people behind the scenes are working their butts off. I mean if I could suggest anything, bring me back and give me the crown! Just let me win something!

I loved that they had a trans guy [Laith Ashley] as a member of the pit crew in the last series…

Yes, completely. And how beautiful was he?!

Finally, is there any romance in your life at the moment?

I’m currently dating myself and God! I’m really focused on myself, my work and my art. Maybe DragWorld will give me the chance to meet a cutie in the UK…

DragWorld UK comes to Olympia London from 18-19 August.

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