Julian Clary on how the late Dale Winton will live on in his memory

Julian Clary and Dale Winton | Photos: Facebook/ITV

British TV personality Julian Clary has discussed how he will be remembering his peer Dale Winton, after his death last month.

Supermarket Sweep star Dale died on 18 April. The cause of his death has yet to be announced.

‘He was just a lovely man’

Speaking at the NatWest LGBT Awards, Julian told GSN: ‘I don’t think I worked with him, but I was quite good friends with him. He was just a lovely man. He was exactly as he seemed [on TV].’

He furthermore added: ’It sounds condescending to say he couldn’t believe his luck. But he was so sort of pleased with life. He was ever so happy when I knew him. So I remember him like that, really.’

Dale came out as gay in his 2002 autobiography My Story.

Julian is a TV veteran who has been on screens since the late 1980s. He won Celebrity Big Brother 10 in 2012.

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