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Kalasin – The land of dinosaurs and natural and cultural treasures

Kalasin is best known for its archaeological treasures and cultural
significance including the largest concentration of dinosaur fossils in
Thailand, and certainly lives up to its provincial slogan of “Fa Daet Song
Yang ancient city, Pong Lang folk music, Phu Thai culture, Phrae Wa silk, Pha
Sawoei Phu Phan, Lam Pao River, and million-year dinosaurs.”

Here’s are some of the top things to do in Kalasin.

Explore a land before time when dinosaurs roamed Isan.

Sirindhorn Dinosaur Museum

Thailand’s first dinosaur fossil museum, the Sirindhorn Dinosaur
Museum, is located in Sahatsakhan district.
It was built following the discovery of dinosaur
fossils at Phu Kum Khao, which is regarded as the

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