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Kameron Michaels ‘upset’ over RPDR queens not choosing her to win

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Kameron Michaels. | Photo: RuPaul’s Drag Race / Instagram

Kameron Michaels took to her Instagram account last night (22 June) to talk about the dramatic reunion episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Spolier alert!

At the end of the episode, RuPaul asked the contestants who they want to win in the finale next week.

The queens begin going through the reasons why their favorites should win. But no one ended up saying Kameron.

RuPaul also opened up the show for queens to confront their drag sisters with questions they’re dying to ask.

Monique Heart says to Kameron Michaels: ‘You, on social media, have all of this mouth.’

She continues by asking who the real Kameron is.

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Kameron responds: ‘It wasn’t even really a strategy. I was just intimidated by you guys. You guys, were all working as professional drag queens [and] I was not. I was a hairdresser.’

Then Dusty Ray Bottoms chimes in: ‘It’s very heartbreaking because when I see your personality on social media, that hurts my feelings. I don’t have a relationship with you [and] I don’t know if many girls have relationships with you.’

She goes on to explain she feels Kameron ignores the other drag queens when they do events and shows together.

‘Upset and frustrated’

So Kameron took to Instagram to explain the situation.

She begins in an Instagram live video: ‘I left the house this morning just feeling very upset and frustrated at what happened last night. I think more than anything my feelings were just really hurt.

‘I wasn’t aware that’s how some of the girls felt about me,’ she said.

Kameron reveals she just called Monique Heart about the situation and they talked it over.

‘I think I just felt like my character was being attacked,’ she said. ‘I am going to hang up this live call in a moment and reach out to Dusty too.

‘I’m busy and my life changed so much after the show. There’s a lot going on in my life that I am trying to juggle and it’s a struggle to try to keep up with everyone.

‘I love all of you guys – thank you for your support,’ she said.

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After episode 11 of this season of Drag Race, Kameron also had to lock down her Instagram comments from receiving too much online hate for sending Miz Cracker home.

When she first entered the show, fans couldn’t get enough of her.

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