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Kanye West praises Parkland’s Emma Gonzalez and she politely sidelines him

Written by gaytourism

The admiration may not be completely mutual | Photo: YouTube

Emma Gonzalez had a pretty clever response to Kanye West praising her on Twitter.

Over the weekend, the rapper sent out two tweets about the outspoken Parkland shooting survivor.

First he posted a picture of her and called her his hero. Indeed, many people have called her a hero – she won an LGBTI award not long after the shooting.

Then he posted a picture of himself, along with the words: ‘Inspired by Emma.’

A clever response

Gonzalez never responded to either of Kanye’s tweets.

However, only 15 minutes after the first tweet, Gonzalez shared an eerily similar tweet of her own.

She tweeted: ‘my hero James Shaw Jr.’

Shaw was the man who recently disarmed a shooter at a Waffle House restaurant in Tennessee. While the shooter reloaded at the 22 April attack, Shaw tackled him.

As for Gonzalez’s tweet, she used the exact same wording as Kanye — including the extra space before the name.

How to explain Gonzalez’s response? Kanye’s recent return to Twitter has seen him posting support for Trump and other right-wing voices. Several celebrities then began unfollowing him on Twitter and criticizing his stances.

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