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Kesha marries a real-life gay couple in new music video

Written by gaytourism

Kesha performing her third gay wedding | Photo: YouTube/kesha

In her most recent music video, Kesha helps marry a real-life gay couple in a Vegas wedding.

The video is part of the Universal Love EP project. With the likes of Bob Dylan, Valerie June, and other artists, the project turns classic songs into LGBTI love songs.

For Kesha’s part, she took on Janis Joplin’s I Need a Man to Love and simply switched the pronoun to I Need a Woman to Love.

On Monday (9 April), the singer also released a music video for her take on the song.

The video features fun, warm footage of the California desert and real-life couple, Dani and Lindsay. Coolest of all, Kesha also helps officiate the couple’s wedding at the Bellagio Las Vegas.

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‘I instantly said yes’

The whole video is heartwarming and exhilarating, coming from a project making its debut at precisely the right time.

Kesha said she ‘instantly said yes’ to the project in a video posted to her Twitter.

‘I’ve always been an advocate for equal rights. It’s an issue that is so close to my heart. It is something that is a part of my family, it’s a part of my friends, it’s a part of me.’

The singer, who identifies as bisexual, has helped nupitals before.

In 2015, she officiated her second gay wedding. The wedding was between her hairstylist Vittorio Masecchia and his now-husband, Felipe Noqueira.

One year later, she helped a gay fan propose to his boyfriend at Walt Disney World.

Dani and Lindsay were chosen after submitting a video about their relationship and their wish to marry in Vegas.

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