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Lady Gaga’s The Fame was released ten years ago today

Written by gaytourism

A still from Lady Gaga’s The Fame: Part One music video

The Fame, Lady Gaga’s hit debut album, was released on 19 August 2008 — making today its tenth birthday.


The album has received a lot of notoriety since its release. At the 52nd Grammy Awards in 2010, it was nominated for five Grammys, including Album Of The Year. The Fame won the Grammy for Best Electronic/Pop Album and one for Best Dance Recording for the single Poker Face. In 2013, five years after its release, Rolling Stone named The Fame as one of the Greatest Debut Albums of All Time. The video for Bad Romance was also recently named Best Music Video of the 21st Century by Billboard. To this day, The Fame has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

Additionally, since The Fame, Lady Gaga has become an icon for the LGBTI community. From her identifying as bisexual to launching the Born This Way foundation to prevent bullying, it’s clear why she’s held in such high esteem. Some even consider her a more powerful figure than the Queen of England.

What Gaga means to queer people

‘Ten years ago, I was at my ex girlfriend’s house reloading Myspace groups waiting for someone to post a link of Lady Gaga’s first album The Fame,’ Gaga fan Aye, 28, tells GSN.

‘Up until then, we had only heard maybe 6 or 7 songs – a few of them being old demos from Pure Volume. Even with just those few songs, we were both instantly OBSESSED. We geeked out over her videos and watched them over and over again. We watched every interview, every performance, and read every article we could get our hands on.’

‘At a time my friends and I were obsessing over rock and metal acts like Kittie, Otep, Wednesday 13, Marilyn Manson and of course all of the cringy emo bands,’ Aye recalls.

‘For us to be obsessing over a pop artist was completely out of character,’ they say.

‘We finally had an fresh new artist from our generation talking about issues that affected us, making music we had never thought about loving, and one that openly very queer.’

‘A decade later, it’s weird looking back on the album that I now associate with people that are not toxic parts of my past. Every song reminds me of a drunken night in my hometown, my first big break up, fully coming out, escaping home, and so many other memories. Though those memories feel like they happened ages ago, the songs bring me right back to them – which I’m still unsure is a good or bad thing.’


Many Lady Gaga fans on Twitter are sharing their appreciation for the album using the hashtag #TheFameTurns10.

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