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Lesbian couple get married in Walmart and it’s adorable

Lesbian couple get married in Walmart and it’s adorable

L-R: Leida Torres and Chryssy Slonaker Torres (Photo: Courtesy Leida and Chryssy Slonaker Torres)

We love a good a wedding, and the ceremony between Chrissy Slonaker Torres married Leida Torres last Saturday was one overflowing with love. It was also a little bit different. It took place in the garden section of Walmart in West Manchester Township, Pennsylvania.

The women chose the store because they met there. Leida got a job as a manager at the store in September 2015, which is when she first met Chrissy.

At first, the women flirted a little bit with one another. A first date at the National Aquarium in Baltimore saw sparks fly. It culminated in last weekend’s wedding.

‘I found my soulmate, finally,’ Leida told the York Daily Record. ‘She’s the love of my life.’

‘What we have is beautiful, it’s amazing,’ adds Chrissy.

The reason they chose to marry at the store? So that co-workers who would have been unable to get the time off could all attend the ceremony.

‘We both have a lot of really close friends that we call family in our Walmart store,’ Leida explained. ‘We discussed it with the store manager and the home office so that everybody in our store – everybody that we share our lives with – can be a part of the wedding.’

Co-workers helped the women to create a tent for the exchange of vows. Robb Green, former ‘Marrying Mayor’ of Jefferson, was the women’s officiant.

‘There were some customers that were going around saying “ooooh” and “ahhh,” and that was so sweet,’ says Chrissy. ‘You could hear it in the background. I didn’t hear anything negative.’

After the wedding, photos from the event began to go viral. Some commentators left nasty and negative comments calling the women redneck.

‘You shouldn’t judge something by the way it looks because there could be a beautiful story behind it. We met in Walmart, we fell in love at Walmart. We could’ve gotten married any other place, but we chose to get married at Walmart.’

‘It wasn’t because we’re cheap,’ Chrissy told the Philly Voice. ‘Yes, we’re both women, but love is love and there’s no right or wrong to it. Don’t judge books by their covers. When it comes to love and unconditional love, what Leida and I have is unconditional.”

H/T: York Daily Record 

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