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Lesbian singer Ellen Loo Joyce dies in fall from Hong Kong apartment building

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Ellen Loo Joyce died at the age of 32. | Photo: Facebook

One of Hong Kong’s most popular singers, Joyce Ellen Loo, has tragically died at the age of 32.

Loo died after falling from her building in the Happy Valley area of Hong Kong early on Saturday morning. Police said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

She posted on Facebook for the final time on the Thursday before her death.

‘I am going to do something great today – it is one of the decisions I made for myself since I turned 30,’ she wrote.

‘I finally understand why people like to take selfies of themselves as you really want to take a picture of yourself when you have a high morale.’

Loo’s sister wrote a heartfelt message on the singer’s Facebook page confirming she took her own life.

‘In the last few years, she has been fighting a hard battle, facing emotional illness, bipolar disorder. Today she chose to leave, we hope she is in another world and is safe,’ the post read.

‘We also want everyone to remember her bravery. Bipolar is terrible, and lu kai-Tung (Loo’s Chinese name) has been brave enough to fight this disease in many different ways, including coming out, hoping her experience would help many people with the same issues.

‘We call on everyone to pay attention to the growing problem of mental health in society, and friends who suffer from emotional illness, have to face it, let people around you know your difficulties and let others help you.’

Coming out was her ‘brightest moment’

The pop star made waves last year when she revealed she had married a woman, cinematographer Fisher Yu. Loo came out publicly during an acceptance speech at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards.

‘I have to thank my wife. I have to thank her for making my life more complete. I know the world is imperfect, my music is imperfect, I myself am not perfect, but with you, who needs perfection. Thank you,’ she said in her acceptance speech.

Ellen Joyce Loo supporting LGBTI equality in Taiwan

Ellen Joyce Loo supporting LGBTI equality in Taiwan

Few pop stars are out in Hong Kong, where same-sex marriage is illegal and LGBTI people are not protected with anti-discrimination laws.

Coming out on stage was ‘the brightest moment’ of her life, according to Loo.

Loo said that although coming out had been overwhelming, her public battle with bipolar disorder was a lot harder.

‘Some people think I’m really brave for coming out; I think the bravest thing I did was to ­overcome being bipolar,’ she told The Post last year.

Hong Kong’s LGBTI community in mourning

Loo’s death left her fans and Hong Kong’s LGBTI community in shock.

Organizers of Hong Kong’s annual Pride festival, Pink Dot HK, expressed their sadness in a statement on Facebook.

‘We are extremely saddened by the passing of Ellen Loo. She had been a dedicated advocate and a long-time supporter of Pink Dot HK and our cause. Our hearts go out to her grieving family, friends and fans. May you rest in peace, Ellen,’ they wrote.

Born in Canada, Loo moved to Hong Kong as a child where she took guitar lessons. She formed the successful pop/folk band at17 when she was just 15 years old. Loo would then go on to become one of Hong Kong’s most recognized musicians.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please visit this link to find support services in your country.

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