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Little Mix’s Jade helped this couple come out and it was so sweet

Written by gaytourism

Pia and Libby, the happy out couple | Photo: Twitter @PialovesLM

Little Mix member Jade Thirlwall has long been a supporter of LGBTI rights. Her latest birthday party was drag-themed where she debuted her own alter-ego, Shaneeda Nibbles.

Well, recently on Twitter, she did one better.

Early this year, Jade hosted a Q&A on the official Little Mix account.

Twitter user @PialovesLM responded with a personal question that many can relate to. She wrote: ‘Me and @libbymae00 want to come out to our parents but we’re kinda scared and don’t know how! Any idea as to how we could? x’

Jade responded in the best, most supportive way.

‘Anyone who truly loves you will accept you for who you truly are. Be brave and be yourself. I think you will have nothing to worry about 🙂 x’

So what happened?

That exchange occurred at the end of January.

Yesterday (26 April), Pia updated Jade on the status of their coming out. Guess what? They did it!

Along with a totally adorable photo, she tweeted: ‘Jade! Me and @libbymae00 are now out to everyone! Thank you so much for your tweet and your support.’

Luckily, the singer saw the tweet and quoted it.

She told the couple they’re beautiful together.

Pia’s girlfriend Libby added her own thanks (and another great photo).

‘Thank you for helping us come out! It’s so amazing to be out to everyone now.’

Happy endings are the best.

A little something extra

To show her love for the community a little more, someone brought Disney’s new pride Mickey ears to Jade’s attention.

Her response? ‘Need.’

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