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Madonna reveals why Lisbon is so much better for her than the USA

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Rebel Heart

Madonna, you know who she is

Madonna left the United States for Lisbon, Portugal and everyone was left with one question: why? Did Donald Trump drive her out? Is she moving closer to son Rocco in the UK?

Well, the star admitted it was all for her son David, who wants to play professional soccer. According to the Queen of Pop, the US just isn’t that good at the sport. Whereas the homeland of demi-god Cristiano Ronaldo is.

But it turns out that the move to the Portuguese capital definitely wasn’t a downgrade for one of the most glamorous women in the media. In fact, she loves it – and it even influenced her new record.

Talking to Vogue Italia, she said: ‘So I went to Lisbon, and it seemed the best all around choice. [Portugal is] steeped in history, and the Portuguese empire has made its dent in the world.

Queen Madonna | Photo: YouTube

‘The architecture is amazing. It’s also the birthplace of slavery, and so there are musical influences which come from Angola and Cape Verde, and also from Spain.’

She also says that the city’s culture has influenced the music on her new record: ‘You’ll always hear lots of fado and lots of kuduro music from Angola.

‘A lot of jazz also – old school jazz, which is pretty cool.’

She added: ‘I don’t see how I could have gone through that year without being informed by all this input of culture.’

Of course, the star lives in the luxurious Lapa district, also known as the aristocratic district. (She is one of our queens, after all). Madonna announced she moved from the USA to Portugal in September 2017. 

What’s near Madonna’s home?

Lisbon is impressive – trust us, we know – but just moments from her house are some of the country’s most important buildings. The Portuguese parliament is a must-visit for anyone who holds the country close to their heart.

The Portuguese parliament, called Assembleia da Republica, is found in Madonna’s district | Photo: Carlos Cunha

This iconic church, the Basilica da Estrela, was the first church in the world dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the most popular devotion in the Roman Catholic Church.

She is moments from the gorgeous Jardim da Estrela, and the Basilica da Estrela | Photo: Jaime Silva

If she misses her second home (the UK), she can head over to the Jardim da Estrela, which is modeled on English parks.

The beautiful gardens might be the ideal place to play a game of soccer or two | Photo: Andrea Mann

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