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Major Pride parade postponed due to killer floods in India

Written by gaytourism

Kerala Queer Pride 2017. | Photo: Facebook

Organizers of a major Pride parade in India have postponed the event after major floods killed almost 200 people.

Scheduled for this week, the Kerala Queer Pride team pushed it to October. Organizers made the decision after the worst monsoon in almost a hundred years devastated the south western state.

Organizers said they planned to donate money they fundraised for the event to the Chief Minister’s Fund to help flood victims.

‘As you might have heard, the weather in Kerala has taken a drastic turn for the worse today. Several community members have also reached out to say that travel has become impossible for them,’ organizers said in a statement.

‘As a result, we are forced to postpone this year’s Pride, which was to be held on August 16/17. We apologize sincerely and unreservedly for any inconveniences caused; but as we’re sure you understand, there really was no way we could have foreseen this sudden cyclonic formation.

‘We do not wish to put the community at any more risk than we’re already facing.’

Organizers said it would also not be appropriate to hold a celebratory event while so many people are suffering in the state.

‘As Queer beings, we are all well aware of what it is to lead lives filled with marginalization and violence. We cannot stand idly by as so many in the State continue to face this tragic circumstance; instead, we will show up and support them in every way that we can,’ they said.

Kerala’s deadly floods

The floods have displaced more than 150,000 people and with rains not expected to ease until after the weekend, the death toll is expected to rise further.

The state chief minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, described the situation as ‘extremely grave’.

Kerala is considered one of India’s most progressive on LGBTI issues, especially in relation to the trans community.

The state government created job quotas for trans people and held the country’s first trans athletics competition. It also established a minimum quota for trans university students and offered to subsidize trans people’s gender affirming surgeries.

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