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Man sues dead boyfriend’s family for stealing 850k left to him in the will

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This family tried to steal $850k from his dead man’s partner

A homophobe was ‘shocked’ after their dead brother’s partner decided to sue his family.

But what did the homophobe do? Oh, just steal the $850,000 left to the dead man’s boyfriend in his will.

And this guy thinks ‘he’s’ the victim.

Family steals nearly a million dollars that was left to dead gay man’s partner

Writing on Reddit, he said his 34-year-old brother died of cancer nine months ago in Massachusetts. His brother dated his partner for eight years.

‘Our family is religious and yes we may not have approved the relationship we still loved our brother,’ he said.

‘He unfortunately died of cancer and left a will. Left most of the money to his gay partner.

‘They weren’t even married.

He added: ‘We decided money to be kept within the family but gave his partner some money. We also paid for brother’s funeral and medical bills.

‘We thought that was the end of it.

‘But now his ex-partner is suing us for the rest of the funds.

‘I don’t know how he got hold of the will.

‘My family is still grieving and now this man wants to take us to court. Trying to see how to solve this without involving the court.’

Homophobe says he believes parents ‘deserved’ the money more

In later comments, he said his sister was one of the only people to not abandon his gay brother.

The two remained best friends, and the sister was named as the executor of the brother’s will.

The Reddit user wrote that he felt like his family deserved his dead brother’s money.

And so, he convinced her to give his partner a small sum and doll out the rest to the family.

‘I thought my parents deserved that money,’ he said. ‘They raised him and paid for his school.’

The simple response?

‘Children aren’t investments,’ one said.

He continued to defend his actions.

‘We can’t pay the full amount because the money is mostly gone’ 

‘We are a big family. Most of the money was distributed throughout family members which we thought was only fair,’ he said.

‘We can’t pay the full amount because the money is mostly gone. ‘

So not only will this family lose the lawsuit, but the sister as the executor is facing jail time.

One responder laid it out: ‘You screwed up unbelievably royally. He will win this judgement in court.

‘You may have your wages garnished if you cannot come to a payment arrangement amenable to him or who he hires to collect this payment from you folks.

‘There is also a very high chance criminal charges are filed here because you intentionally embezzled this money.

‘In the future, don’t disregard legally binding documents due to your feelings.’

‘Don’t disregard legally binding documents due to your feelings’

The brother said in response to this: ‘Wow I didn’t know that. This is bigger than I imagined.

‘I am going to get the family together and figure out a way to come up with funds. I don’t want any criminal charges against my family.’

The homophobic brother continued to question how his brother’s ‘friend’ could discover the will.

In Massachusetts, wills are public.

The Reddit thread has had an overwhelming response.

‘Your greed, bigotry and stupidity is not his problem,’ one comment said.

The homophobic Redditor said his brother left the family some properties and so they will ‘try to do the right thing and pay his partner’.

‘I am having a family meeeting and will figure out a way to come up with money so we don’t make things worse with the law,’ he said in an update.

This is an anonymous Reddit thread so take this story with a pinch of salt. We’ll be keeping an eye on local Massachusetts papers for any updates.

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