Man suing Sydney police for assault was ‘punched twice’ during Mardi Gras


Bryn Hutchinson has accused police of brutality after they took him to the ground following Sydney Mardi Gras parade on Oxford Street in 2013 (Picture: Facebook)

An Australian man is suing Sydney police for alleged assault and battery during Mardi Gras 2013.

Bryn Hutchinson recalled the moment when a Sydney police officer punched him after he was wrestled to the ground.

Sydney’s Downing Centre District Court also heard how Police restrained the man’s little sister and then gave the young girl a ‘ticket’ for swearing in public.

The man is suing the Sydney police force for assault, battery, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution over the incident, which took place on Oxford Street crossing.

Sydney police allegedly used brutality

A police officer watches as the rainbow flag goes up a flag pole

The rainbow flag was raised outside the Sydney Police Center for the first time. | Photo: Facebook via NSW Police

Hutchinson, a gay rights activist, claims his head was punched into the pavement in ‘an unwarranted and excessive attack’.

He is suing for an estimated $275,000 AUD (£155,100) reports SBS News.

Hutchinson was charged with assaulting and resisting an officer over the incident but a judge later dismissed the charges.

Constable Lee Jennings told that another officer struck the 37-year-old twice as he tried to cross Oxford Street after the parade finished.

‘That’s a hammer a strike’


Jennings claims that Sergeant Jeffrey Ludkin was on the ground, who punched Hutchinson on the leg twice.

Constable Jennings described the punch ‘as a hammer strike’ to the court.

The court then heard how Jennings allegedly held Hutchinson’s sister Katie back, while she was said to be shouting ‘that’s my brother’.

‘She was intoxicated. I could smell it on her,’ Jennings said before the court.

The hearing continues.

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